Who We Are

A collective of non-profit organizations have come together in partnership to nurture social enterprise growth in Saskatchewan.

Founding partners have come together to build an enabling environment for social economy work in Saskatchewan.

SEDA logo: the letter S formed from ribbons of red, yellow, orange, blue, and green, followed by seda and the Registered Trademark symbol
SIEDN logo: a circle formed by two feathers—one in a yellow to blue gradient and the other in a black to red gradient—followed by the text Saskatchewan Indigenous Economic Development Network

Our Strategic Objectives

Expand awareness for social enterprise as a business model

We aim to increase understanding for the social enterprise model and its role in all sectors of society. Education is needed among organizations, practitioners, and community members to develop an understanding of how social enterprise can be utilized and supported.

We feel strongly about the social enterprise model as an effective option to support community wellbeing and sustainability.

These enterprises often provide services that would not otherwise exist and can play a significant role in addressing gaps locally and regionally.

Increase the capacity of the provincial social enterprise sector

We seek to create better access to development resources and supports by linking to agencies in all sectors. Developing a practitioner led, province-wide network of social enterprises will promote shared learning and collaboration.

This work will be done in conjunction with many other organizations from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We invite your Partnership.